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7 SEO tactics to boost your online presence

Laptop with SEO dashboard, second monitor with homepage, and hand on a computer mouse
Search engine optimization (SEO) is ever-changing. New technologies and tactics rise up, while search engines continuously adjust their algorithms and ranking factors. This state of constant change can make it hard to know where to focus your attention. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of seven proven tactics you should implement to boost your business’s online presence and catch the eye of potential customers. […]

A beginner’s guide to Facebook ads

Hand scrolling on Facebook on tablet
When you’re planning to advertise on social media, one of the first platforms that comes to mind is Facebook. With Facebook, you can create eye-catching ad campaigns for your audience’s newsfeeds, as well as other Meta platforms like Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. You have the ability to fine-tune your audience, experiment with different kinds of ads, set a personalized budget, and analyze your campaign’s performance to make sure you’re getting a return on your investment. […]

Should you commit to an e-newsletter in 2023?

Did you know there are 4.2 billion daily email users worldwide (FormRush, 2023)? That’s a whole lot of people checking their email. And it’s why email marketing is one of the most versatile and valuable tools a small business can have in its arsenal. Whether you’re sending a one-time offer or your regular e-newsletter, the return on investment for this low-cost marketing option is generally reported by marketers to be between $30 and $45 for every $1 invested. […]

7 ways to spice up your annual report

Closeup of ECI REC annual report
Annual reports are not just used to explain the current state of your business—they’re an opportunity to connect with your investors, stakeholders, and employees. The most successful annual reports go way beyond numbers and industry and financial jargon. They tell stories. Don’t want to waste the big opportunity your annual report offers? Check out our list of ways to add some flare to the page and keep your readers engaged. […]

How to harness the power of visual communication

Pella Fiber Bandwidth Matters infographic
Whether it’s for online marketing, internal reports, or presentations, having polished visual communication is crucial for today’s brands. Thanks to our digital world, consumers are presented with and have easy access to a mountain of information—information they want to quickly review and assess. In fact, according to a Demand Gen report, 91% percent of today’s audiences say they want visual content above anything else. […]