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7 ways to spice up your annual report

Annual reports are not just used to explain the current state of your business—they’re an opportunity to connect with your investors, stakeholders, and employees. The most successful annual reports go way beyond numbers and industry and financial jargon. They tell stories. Don’t want to waste the big opportunity your annual report offers? Check out our list of ways to add some flare to the page and keep your readers engaged. […]

How to harness the power of visual communication

Pella Fiber Bandwidth Matters infographic
Whether it’s for online marketing, internal reports, or presentations, having polished visual communication is crucial for today’s brands. Thanks to our digital world, consumers are presented with and have easy access to a mountain of information—information they want to quickly review and assess. In fact, according to a Demand Gen report, 91% percent of today’s audiences say they want visual content above anything else. […]

6 quick(ish) website design tweaks to keep your site fresh

Webber Recreational Design website home page on a desktop and mobile screen
It’s inevitable: At some point, your website design will start to feel dated. For many small businesses, keeping your website looking current is a big ask. But it’s possible to make updates to specific design elements without undertaking a complete redesign. […]

The countdown is on: Google Analytics 4 takes over in July 2023

Computer screens showing Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4
For years, businesses and marketing professionals have used Google’s Universal Analytics platform to collect valuable website data, like how many sessions (or “visits”) they’ve had and how well their online marketing campaigns are performing. Universal Analytics is a gold mine, often serving as the cornerstone for online marketing strategies. […]

Website photography ideas for a service-based business

Michelle Stam, Sarah Purdy, and Sarah Naberhaus holding books, flyers, and brochures
Today’s website designs often prominently feature photos. If you’re a product-based business, what you need to take photos of is often obvious. Figuring out how to capture abstract services (like creating an ad campaign) is a little trickier. So, how do you start thinking about what to take pictures of as a service-based business? […]