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Putting the motion in promotion: Four best practices for creating great Facebook videos

Whether you’re promoting a product or a book, it was already tough to compete in a fast-paced online world, where customers have a ton of information at their fingertips. […]

Turn the spotlight on your website content with an audit

Do you really know what is on your website? “Of course!” is most people’s instinctive response. But if your website has been growing over several years without any sort of content strategy or plan, you may know less than you think. A content audit is a great tool for websites larger than 15 to 20 pages. The end product—likely a detailed spreadsheet—is a status report and roadmap for managing and improving the most important aspect of your website: it’s content. […]

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh approach to marketing efforts

If the melting snow is revealing the still un-achieved marketing goals you set for your company at the New Year, consider calling in some reinforcements. The Write Place is equally experienced in leading marketing efforts for small businesses and supporting internal communications teams within larger corporations. […]

Looking beyond social media in today’s digital marketing world

E-books offer a unique option for businesses In today’s world, your customers see more marketing than ever before. Social media has caused customers’ expectations to evolve―rather than passively receiving marketing messages, consumers value interaction and information provided pre-sale and with no obligation. Social media is the obvious method of delivery, but what if you’re looking […]

Effective advertisers do their homework

Do your potential customers know what you are trying to say in your advertising? Simply put, you want consumers to pick you over your competitor. Your advertising should be very clear about why you are the business of choice. You want to inspire potential customers to take action, visit your place of business, and make a […]


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