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Have you rebuffed social media?

Have you avoided social media because it demands constant attention? You’re not alone. But in today’s world, whether you’re an author looking to build a loyal following online, or a business looking to inform potential customers about your brand and product, your audience values social media interaction. The key is learning how to build and—most importantly—maintain a presence online without spending all your time posting and tweeting.

4 tips for choosing your social media images

Around our office, it’s common to hear, “Can you send me the ad you’re talking about? I’m a visual person.” I know what you’re thinking: “You work in marketing and publishing. Of course your staff is full of visual learners.” True, but it’s also true that 65 percent of us are visual learners, according to […]

Will recent changes from Google and Facebook impact your presence online?

Two online giants have recently or will soon update algorithms, and it’s likely your website and Facebook page will feel the waves these changes produce. Google gives gold star to mobile-friendly sites Late in February, Google announced that it will increase its emphasis on mobile-friendliness in its search engine ranking criteria. (Google began awarding qualifying […]

What the new Facebook Page design has in store for your business

What the new Facebook Page design has in store for your business  Facebook is at it again—changing things up on the layout of the Pages businesses use to communicate news and connect with customers. This change will roll out on your business page in the next few weeks if you don’t convert it manually before. […]

The three F’s of Facebook marketing

Does the thought of Facebook marketing for your business make you want to forsake civilization and live in a cave where technology can never find you? While Facebook isn’t always easy, rest assured that it doesn’t have to be scary, or baffling. In engaging with your Facebook fans, remember the three F’s: frequent, fan-oriented, and […]




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