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Will recent changes from Google and Facebook impact your presence online?

Two online giants have recently or will soon update algorithms, and it’s likely your website and Facebook page will feel the waves these changes produce. Google gives gold star to mobile-friendly sites Late in February, Google announced that it will increase its emphasis on mobile-friendliness in its search engine ranking criteria. (Google began awarding qualifying […]

Make the move to responsive design

One of the first questions we ask clients embarking on a website redesign is whether their goal is a site that looks good on mobile devices. I doubt I will be asking much longer. Two things are converging to make this question almost obsolete: the fact that according to Cisco, mobile data traffic grew 81 […]

Keep your website healthy with organic web content

You need to keep your content organic—and we don’t mean the food in your fridge. Organic content is preferred by search engines using organic search rankings. Decoded, an “organic search” is simply a search that ranks results based on content and keyword relevancy, not by the highest bidder. Google is an example of a search […]

Metadata: A golden opportunity

There’s nothing more useless than a beautifully designed website that nobody ever sees. Optimizing your website’s content for search engines can not only ensure that people find it, but that the right people find it—the ones who are actually interested in your products or services.Optimizing your metadata with the keywords you want search engines to […]

Less is more—even on websites

If you want to get your message across, it’s best to take away as many distractions as you can. You want the message to catch and hold the eye of the reader. This maxim is an important concept in the development of branding, advertising, and websites. Take a good look at your Web site. Ask the […]


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