Pricing & royalties

It’s impossible to sell books that are priced way above the average market price. When you self-publish with the Write Place, you decide the retail price of your book and your royalty.

The only set price per book is the printing cost: you determine the royalty, wholesale cost (cost at which the retailer can buy it), and the retail price.

Sample retail price for a 200-page, black-and-white interior, color cover, perfect-bound paperback book

  • Printing: $5.01
  • Royalty: $1.99
  • Wholesale: $7.00
  • Retail: $14.00


The majority of books self-published with the Write Place are printed using a print-on-demand process. This means that you can buy one at a time or a hundred at a time. The upfront costs are lower—and you don’t have to store a thousand books in your basement.

Distribution & availability

With our full distribution services, potential readers will have no trouble finding your book. It will be readily available for sale online, plus available for purchase by any bookstore or library. Our online retail and distribution partners include:

  • Amazon
  • Apple Books
  • Ingram Book Company
  • Baker & Taylor
  • And more

All distribution is taken care of automatically—books are shipped to buyers with no time or cost investment from you. We’ll keep track of each book that is sold, and send you royalty checks for as long as your book is in distribution.


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