Have a great idea for a book, but know don’t how to get started writing? Our staff has the experience to develop your idea from an abstract concept into a professionally written story. We can also lend a hand with extra writing needed to add the final touches to your book, such as the back cover blurb.

Editing & proofreading

Every book can benefit from a second pair of eyes. Whether you just need someone to proofread your manuscript for punctuation and spelling errors, or you’d like a professional editor’s opinion on structure, characterization, and thematic content, we can help. Send us 3-4 pages of your manuscript, and we will give you a free editing sample and price quote. We’ll also give you a recommendation on which editing level your book needs.

Our editing levels are:

  • Basic – Includes checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Basic Plus – Includes everything in the Basic level, plus clarity and syntax.
  • Extensive – Includes everything in Basic and Basic Plus, as well as structure, characterization, plot, thematic content, and consistency


Let’s get started!

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