Sheryl Ellinwood, author of Empowered: A Woman to Woman Guide to Preventing and Surviving Breast Cancer, has been named an award finalist by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.

The book, which is Ellinwood’s first, was named a finalist in the “health” category in the annual contest, which this year drew an unprecedented 178 nominations. The book was published by the Write Place, of Pella, Iowa.

“Her research and information is fascinating,” said one of the judges about Ellinwood’s book. “She is very knowledgeable and she presents the information in a readable form—even the technical stuff.”

That same judge, a survivor of cervical cancer, also added that she had already shared the book with a friend and planned to share it with her doctor.

“It is so gratifying when I hear about women who personally found my book helpful to them,” said Ellinwood. “Although this book is targeted to women concerned about breast cancer, the information inside is applicable to all women who want to take charge of their health. Perhaps by being named as a finalist, this book will draw more attention from women and encourage more women to get the information that I think is so critical.”

Ellinwood, a Knoxville area resident and artist, wrote the book after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her diagnosis, she looked for a book to guide her through the information and decisions that she faced. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to write one herself.

She started by researching her cancer on many fronts—prevention, politics, standard treatment, alternative treatment, and more. Often what she discovered led her into new areas of research.

In her book, Ellinwood stresses the importance of prevention, and believes had she known earlier what she knows now, she may have been able to prevent her own cancer. She explains the risks and benefits of food choices, the role of hormones and mineral deficiencies in breast cancer growth, and how to avoid cancer-causing toxins. She explains how these factors can create an environment for breast cancer to grow and discusses how women can reduce their risk.

Ellinwood breaks down the often technical and obscure language used by doctors and researchers to make it understandable for women. Then, she details step-by-step how women should go about conducting their own research in order to make the best and most informed decisions for their own situations.

Ellinwood is now at work on her second book, Three Plates at the Table, which is a cookbook containing recipes that are both healthy and delicious. She chose the name of her book because each recipe included is written in three ways: an optimal health version, using only the healthiest of ingredients; a vegetarian version; and a meat version that uses healthy selections of meat.

The author stresses that all three versions will create delicious dishes. “I love good food,” Ellinwood said. “If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t eat it. I want this book to be realistic—to provide delicious recipes that people will make so they can live their lives in healthier ways.”

In addition to the recipes, Ellinwood also plans to include educational sections, explaining fats and oils choices, nuts and seeds choices, and how to use tofu, for example.

Ellinwood expects to release her new book at the second annual Health Forum in Pella, now scheduled for Saturday, January 22, 2011. Targeted specifically toward women, the forum will include sessions on healthy foods, hormones, toxins, thyroid health, and more.

As an artist, Ellinwood is the owner of ellinwood studios, inc. That business began with glassblowing and evolved into the creation of jewelry and home décor that is sold in shops and galleries across the country. She also creates large commissioned glass wall pieces for major hospitals. In addition, she has created mixed-media sculptures that are in many galleries and in corporate, public, and private collections. More information about her art is available at

The author and her husband Jerome (Jerry) Keller, live and work together in rural Knoxville. For more information about the author and her book, visit her Web site at, and for a look at the author’s continuing research, be sure to visit her blog at

Empowered: A Woman-to-Woman Guide to Preventing and Surviving Breast Cancer can be purchased at Amazon and

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