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by Marjorie Creason

Since her birth in 1925, Marjorie (Clark) Creason's life has been full of "stars-and-garters" moments. From her promising start in the banking profession during high school, to her marriage to returning soldier Russ Creason, to the birth of their daughter Jean and then their grandchildren, to their many travels around the world, life has been full of delightful, amazing, thrilling surprises. Stars and Garters also tells the story of Marge's ancestors. The Clarks and Pardues came to the United States from England and France, starting a new life in a new world and eventually settling in Ray County, Missouri. Marge's parents, William and Hattie Clark, raised six children in the 19th century rural Midwest. In this book, the stories of Marge and those who came before her are woven together in the narrative of this remarkable family.