Follow the Cow Path Home

by Chuck Hackenmiller

A story of growing up on a family farm in Iowa in the 1950s and 60s—when the moldboard plow was considered practical and not anti-conservation, when chickens roamed freely around the farmyard, when home-cooked food beat “eating out” any day of the week.

Author Chuck Hackenmiller says, “Often during my childhood, my mind would wander from the daily rigors of farming in northeast Iowa. I would dream about being a professional baseball or football player, not a farmer. Instead, I settled for accounting school, played town team baseball and competed in softball leagues, and then switched gears to a career spanning thirty memorable years in print journalism at Iowa and Nebraska newspapers.

“Truth be told, though, it was always wonderful going back to the family farm. This is a story about what it was like back then—the 1950s and 60s—when use of the moldboard plow was considered practical and not anti-conservation like it is today, when chickens roamed freely around the farmyard and hogs couldn’t get enough mud in their dirt hog lot, when home-cooked food beat ‘eating out’ menus any day of the week.

Items omitted from these written accounts were not intentional. Who knows, I was probably daydreaming when I should have been paying more attention to details. But that’s just me, I guess.”


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