Trade Show Signage Design

Stand Out from the Crowd at Your Next Show

People attending trade shows and networking events spend just a few seconds studying your booth or table before they decide whether they are intrigued enough to stop or move on. For years, the Write Place has been designing trade show banners, backdrops, and signs that stand out from the crowd.

We understand the unique best practices that come with creating effective trade show and event signage.

  • How large does the font need to be to be readable from a distance?
  • What kinds of images will lure someone away from a nearby booth?
  • Should I use a small photo on a large banner?
  • What colors will be the most eye-catching while remaining readable?

Planning what combination of signage will best fit your booth and deciding what messaging is the best fit for each piece takes experience. The WP team will help you create the perfect signs and banners for your next show or event.

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