Book Layout + Interior Design

From Fonts to Margins and Page Numbers

Every book has a personality that should be reflected in its interior design. Our book designers have experience choosing fonts and developing layout designs for novels, memoirs, children’s books, cookbooks, poetry books, and more. We’ll get to know your book, custom design an interior, and lay out the pages.

Whether you’ve chosen the Write Place’s full self-publishing services or have already selected your printer and distributor, we can give your book a polished and appealing interior design that’s publication-ready.

Each interior layout is custom-quoted, so we can personalize it to the needs of your book. If the Write Place coordinates printing and distribution, you’ll have the choice of a black and white or full-color interior. You’ll also have many book sizes to choose from.

Our book layout standards generally include, but are not limited to:


  • Adequate margins, so text is not too close to the edge of the page
  • Personalized font choice(s) for each book layout
  • Custom line spacing and font size
  • Limited hyphenation at line breaks
  • Optical text margin alignment
  • Baseline alignment of text
  • Words and short phrases will not be left to sit alone at the top or bottom of a page
  • Correction of lines of text that are too tight or too loose
  • Use of running page headers (when applicable)

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