Ruford Visits the Northwoods and Ruford Visits the Farm stacked on bookshelf
Copy of Ruford Visits the Farm on top of open copy of Ruford Visits the Northwoods

Children’s Book – Ruford Visits the Farm + Ruford Visits the Northwoods


Susan Lienau is a business owner and self-published author and illustrator from Ossian, Iowa. The Write Place has published two children’s books for Sue, Ruford Visits the Farm in 2018, followed by Ruford Visits the Northwoods in 2023.

In this endearing series, readers fly alongside a young eagle named Ruford as he goes on his first solo flight and then explores new territory farther from home. Our team provided professional editing, cover design, interior design and layout, and marketing services.


Sue needed a Write Place editor to not only proofread her manuscripts, but provide feedback on tone, word choice, and phrasing. Together, she and our editor adjusted the text to fit the age range of her audience.

For both books, our designer photographed Sue’s illustrations. Then, we digitally adjusted those photographs to ensure they were a true representation of the original artwork.

Because these books are a series, design choices we made for Ruford Visits the Farm were carried over to Ruford Visits the Northwoods. The title font for the covers features decorative terminals that look a bit like feathers. For the interiors, we consulted with Sue on the best spot on the illustrations to place text. We selected an easily readable serif font and added a soft glow behind the text so it stands out from the illustrations.

After Ruford Visits the Farm was published, the Write Place filmed and produced two promotional videos: an interview with Sue and a reading from the book.


Susan Lienau



“The Write Place has such a wonderful staff to work with! They were probably my twelfth phone call to different publishers, but I knew right away that they were who I wanted to publish my book. They were so kind and patient with me as a newcomer to the industry. I relied on their skills and know-how. When I got my first copy of Ruford Visits the Farm, I couldn’t have been happier.”

Susan Lienau, Author