Retrieving Adventures! Lincoln and Nicholas Go to Africa

by Victoria Peterson Laird

Retrieving Adventures! Lincoln and Nicholas Go to Africa is the charming story of two Golden Retriever brothers who accept their uncle’s invitation to a safari in Kenya. With Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon, they encounter a variety of wild animals, including elephants, giraffes, zebras and even a lion.

The characters are based on two real Golden Retriever brothers who live with the author.

Nicholas is an incredibly happy free spirit with a wavy coat who usually has a toy in his mouth. Lincoln is a performance dog with a straight coat, always concerned about doing things properly and pleasing his humans. Both are TDI certifed therapy dogs and visit hospitals and nursing homes weekly.

Together, they are a lovable pair who go on adventures all over the world. This is is the second in a series of Retrieving Adventures!


This book is not available for online purchase.



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