by Carol Van Klompenburg

Tending-Beauty-web-cover2As you open Tending Beauty, prepare to chuckle, wince, and experience wonder. Whether you garden a lot, a little, or not at all, you will relish your forays into the garden alongside Carol Van Klompenburg. Using prose, poetry, and pictures, she marvels at a butterfly, grumbles at chipmunks, makes war on weeds, and relishes the beauty of flowers. As she plays with words, she sheds light on both the inner and outer worlds of the gardening experience.

As you walk through the world of Carol’s garden, prepare to also feel conflicted. You may want to read just one more page, and then just one more, and then . . . But you may also long to run outside to dig and plant—and even weed—the gardens that belong to you.


This book is not available for online purchase.

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