The House on Cadron Creek

by Sheryl L. Carter

“You don’t think I’m going to live here, do you?!” A petulant, headstrong young woman is thrust into a strange backwoods world for which she is totally unprepared and has no intention of becoming prepared. Selfishness and pride clash, as a nightmare no one could have imagined becomes an appalling reality—a nightmare from
which she might never wake up.

Set in the hills, valleys, and mountains of the Ozarks during the Depression, The House on Cadron Creek tells the story of a spoiled, willful girl, a stalwart, faithful husband, and a ramshackle house that seems doomed to oblivion. Behind it all a dark, brooding mountain holds ancient secrets that only an outsider can unravel.

What happens when voices and echoes from the past threaten to overwhelm innocence in the present? When one culture—forged in hatred, violence, and evil—clashes with an immovable, all-powerful force called Love?


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