To Be Reborn

by Carol Van Klompenburg

To Be Reborn is well worth reading by the global church as she endeavors to bear witness to Christ in a time of pandemic. Carol Van Klompenburg tells a compelling story of a resilient hope and a faithful God as experienced by flesh and blood Christians living in uncertain times. These are times which demand that the church be ‘reborn’ as she joins in God’s mission. This book helps us imagine what that might look like.” – Joel Huyser

Written as a sequel, To Be Reborn records a second decade in the life of Nicaragua’s Nehemiah Center.

But it is far more than a simple continuation of the first volume, On Mended Wings. It is a story in which almost everything has changed.

In Nicaragua’s tumultuous history, its people have weathered natural disasters, war, injustice, and poverty. But they have been resilient—surviving, and sometimes thriving. In its second decade the Nehemiah Center has done the same.

  • In the face of a Nicaraguan political crisis with lockdowns, confrontations, and deaths, it offered processes for making peace and healing trauma.
  • In the midst of worldwide reductions in charitable giving, it minimized costs, narrowed its focus, found new funding sources, and balanced its budget.
  • It trained church leaders to be the hands of Jesus in a hurting world.
  • It offered teaching in God’s principles for marriage and for managing money.
  • It facilitated friendships between North American and Nicaraguan churches, resulting in spiritual growth for both groups.

During its second decade, the Nehemiah Center has adapted to changing times. But its purpose has remained firm: transforming lives in service to the Lord of all. To Be Reborn is the dramatic story of that ongoing work.


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