Who Cares About You?

by Lee Joanne Collins

Does anyone care about Maylynn Jones and her two sons?

Their father cares, but he is missing again.

Their babysitter cares. When she discovers scant food and a broken refrigerator in Maylynn’s apartment, she calls Channel Six, “The Station That Cares About the Community,” to request help for this single mom.

The TV anchor who takes the call pretends to care. Then she turns the story into a media sensation.

Their social worker cares, but she is forced to remove the children until a judge can decide whether the boys have been neglected.

As the media circus grows, those closest to the trial begin to question everything they know about love and family ties. As old doubts, hurts, and insecurities rise to the surface, each person touched by the Jones case must ask: who cares about me?


This book is not available for online purchase.



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