All Iowa high Schools have been invited to showcase their schools and communities at The Iowa Hall of Pride in Des Moines. Our visitors view the schools’ presentations on computer kiosks. This was a tough assignment for many schools, and nothing got done.

The Write Place did work initially on one school’s module and did an outstanding job! I was so impressed I asked them if they would like to offer their services to other schools around the state. To date, they have done work for approximately 25 different schools, and in every case, the work they do is exemplary. More importantly, every school is happy with their work. When schools call to ask how they can update their modules or just to get started with the process, I always recommend they contact the Write Place as they do an outstanding job in a timely manner.

We have a very unique project, and the Write Place personnel have done a terrific job of adapting to our needs. I wholeheartedly endorse this company because they have quality people producing quality products.


Jack Lashier, Director, Iowa Hall of Pride