Effective advertisers do their homework

Mar 21, 2014

Do your potential customers know what you are trying to say in your advertising? 

Simply put, you want consumers to pick you over your competitor. Your advertising should be very clear about why you are the business of choice. You want to inspire potential customers to take action, visit your place of business, and make a purchase from you.

The following ideas will help you develop an effective marketing plan that fits your business and gets the attention of consumers:

  • Speak to your customers’ need – Inform them, clearly, of the solution you provide that resolves their need. Don’t know your customers’ needs, much less the solution for them? You should back up and get to know your target market.
  • “I’m your answer!” – If your marketing doesn’t inform customers about your product, who will? Make your advertising simple, easy to understand, and to the point. Add a sense of urgency.
  • Choose the marketing method that works best for you – Do your potential customers spend more time searching the Yellow Pages, reading the local shopper newspaper, or on Twitter? Do they spend more time watching television or surfing online? Advertise where they are.

photo credit: Day 28/365 – Back to School via photopin (license)


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