Rethinking your e-newsletter? Here are five top trends to consider!

Jul 2, 2024

by Moriah Morter, WP writing intern, and Lexie Thomas, president

Last month, we dropped tricks for segmenting your e-news audience. This month, we’re sharing tips to elevate your content and design. Give your newsletter a boost with these trending tactics!

  1. Personalize emails with AI.
    AI can play an essential behind-the-scenes role in building emails that resonate with individual readers. With AI, your content can be personalized to your customers beyond just including their names. For example, AI tools can showcase products a customer has shown interest in. MailChimp offers several handy AI options that can create a hyper-personalized experience.
  2. Nostalgia and simplicity are in.
    Let’s talk about aesthetics. If your audience is younger, go for a modern, elegant, and simplistic template design that says less is more. If your audience and brand are more mature, lean into longevity. A footer with a years-in-business logo or a header image that uses a historical photograph as a background are some subtle ways to reinforce these long-term relationships.
  3. Be bold.
    A strong typeface, like Futura Bold, stands out amongst other emails by adding a sense of urgency, visual tension, and high contrast. Applied strategically, a bold headline or accent can help keep eyeballs on your content.
  4. Leverage interactive content.
    Get your viewers engaged with polls, surveys, or a questionnaire. And as a double bonus, you’ll get great insight into your audience base!
  5. Gamification … let’s play!
    Gamification means adding a playable aspect to your content. Work with a gamification platform to run a digital campaign featuring a brand-related slot machine, digital board game, scratch card, or puzzle, or come up with a game specific to your brand. Whatever you choose, make sure to test the functionality before you hit send!

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