The three F’s of Facebook marketing

Oct 5, 2013

Does the thought of Facebook marketing for your business make you want to forsake civilization and live in a cave where technology can never find you?

While Facebook isn’t always easy, rest assured that it doesn’t have to be scary, or baffling. In engaging with your Facebook fans, remember the three F’s: frequent, fan-oriented, and fun.


It is important to update your Facebook page frequently in order to keep your fans engaged. A Buddy Media study, reported on by Vertical Response, which analyzed 1,800 Facebook pages, shared that “Brands that post one or two times per day see 19% higher interaction rates than those who post 3x per day. The key is not to bombard fans with too many posts, as Facebook News Feed Optimization often penalizes for this.”

The timing of your posts is crucial as well. For example:

  • The study reported that the interaction rate for posts on the weekends is 14.5% higher compared to weekday posts, and the worst day to post is Wednesday—interaction is 7.4% below average.
  • Evenings are the best time to post, after people have finished work, errands, and dinner—“Brand posts published between 8 pm and 7 am, which are defined as ‘non-busy hours,’ receive 14% higher interaction than those that post between 8 am and 7 pm.”

Every customer base is different, though, so test it out and see when your posts receive the highest interaction.


Even after a person has liked your Facebook page, all your posts may not show up in their News Feed. According to Crash Course on the Facebook News Feed by Hubspot, “an average Facebook user’s News Feed is filtering around 1,500 possible stories. But after Facebook’s News Feed algorithm goes to work, only 20% of these stories actually land in the user’s feed.” To end up in the 20%, make sure your posts are fan-oriented.

Fan-oriented simply means your posts are valuable to your fans—industry news, links to an interesting article, discounts or promotions, photos of your products, and more. Fans will like posts that they find useful or interesting, which will bump the post up higher in other peoples’ News Feeds.


Facebook should be fun, for both you and your fans. Keep your tone light, and your posts short and sweet. Don’t be afraid to post or share something random and silly once in awhile—even if it doesn’t relate to your business.

If you need help setting up your page, designing your cover image, or writing posts, give us a call. We can help!


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