Does your copywriting prompt action by your target audience?

Aug 15, 2014

Is your marketing having the results you are looking for? If not, take a hard look at the copywriting. What does it say about your company? 

 Copywriting is the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion or idea—to persuade the reader, listener or viewer to act—for example, to buy a product or seek out your services.

Well-written and thoughtfully-strategized marketing copy plays on your customers’ emotions to grab attention and then provides the information they are looking for in clear manner. In short pieces, like copy for a print ad, each word choice is critical. In longer pieces, such as newsletters and catalogs, organization is critical to direct customer to the information they seek in a logical progression.

Thoughtful, targeted, well-written copy is essential to present your business as professional and competent. While it may be tempting to produce ad and promotional copy in-house, businesses with no trained writers on staff are wise to consider the value of turning to professionals.

Good writing also takes time and training. The rules of grammar should be followed and style manuals checked when an issue is in question. Your target audience should be carefully considered, and phrases should be crafted to resonate with that group.

Poorly organized writing leads to frustration. Mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure may cast doubt on the quality of a company’s products. Customers who encounter poorly written promotional material are more likely to look elsewhere than to give the offending business another chance.

Hiring a professional writing firm to craft targeted marketing copy for your business is a sound investment, and it will free your team up to focus on what they do well within your company structure.

photo credit: Katie working via photopin (license)


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