Get a big branding impact for your small business

Oct 21, 2014

Brand. For a short word, it packs a lot of punch, especially for small business owners. In fact, these five letters verge on intimidating!

For large companies and corporations, a brand is a must-have. They hire agencies, consultants, and experts to develop, and then manage, their brand on a day-to-day basis. Their brand is integrated into everything they do: packaging, publicity, customer service, sales, web sites, collateral pieces, and even their vernacular.

The branding goal: to be so pervasive and recognizable that customers feel they have a relationship with the product.

There is no reason small businesses, whether they sell services or products, should not strive for this same goal. It is achievable, and it needn’t monopolize all your assets and time.

Developing your brand is more than creating a logo-it starts with defining what differentiates you from your competitors and your target market. This competitive advantage should be brought to life in your brand so the public can separate you from your competitors.

As part of your business plan, you probably developed a mission and vision statement, and goals for your company. Your brand should also take these into consideration.

You can further define your brand by identifying your brand personality. Naming the thoughts or feelings you want people to have when they see your logo or see your company name can help you find your brand personality.

Words like reliable, friendly, and innovative could factor into your brand personality. All your collateral pieces should be created with your competitive advantage, business mission, and brand personality in mind.

Many small business turn to professionals at this point to design a logo, write copy for a brochure and web site, and lay out business cards. Professional designers and writers know how to integrate your message with appropriate images, and carry that message and look throughout all your pieces. Consistency is the key to building a strong brand that potential clients and loyal customers will recognize.

Using professional services for the writing, design, and printing of your key communications pieces can take your brand and business a long way. Consider the impression an ink-jet printed business card with perforated edges might make. Even if you are more than qualified to do the job, your potential clients may see a homemade business card as a reason to compensate you at a lower level.

A few key, professionally created pieces are all you need to make a big-brand impression. As long as you, as the business owner, understand that consistency in branding is important, you can carry the image and message of these professional pieces on in your own marketing, publicity, and advertising efforts.

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