Have you rebuffed social media?

Sep 30, 2015

Tools and tips to bring your advertising in line

Have you avoided social media because it demands constant attention? You’re not alone. But in today’s world, whether you’re an author looking to build a loyal following online, or a business looking to inform potential customers about your brand and product, your audience values social media interaction. The key is learning how to build and—most importantly—maintain a presence online without spending all your time posting and tweeting.

One great tool for making the most of your time with social media is Buffer. This online tool is a small investment (also available in a free version) with big rewards. It is much more efficient to write multiple posts at one time, and Buffer is a tool that makes this possible. Compose posts, choose the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) on which to share, and add posts to a queue. You don’t have to think about it again until it’s time to do a new batch.

Buffer is a user-friendly program:

  • It’s easy to attach a photo, video, or animated GIF.
  • Posts on multiple social profiles can contain the same material word for word or be adapted to fit the formats you have chosen.
  • Buffer schedules and sends the items in your queue(s) using the schedule that you have selected for each social profile—on the days and times you choose. You can rearrange items in the queue(s) at any time or post right away.
  • Buffer provides analytics from social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook, telling you how many clicks, retweets, and shared posts were generated.
  • All posted material is available for perusal, editing, and analyzing.

Another feature that may turn you into a Buffer aficionado is the browser extension available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Whenever you are online and see something you want to share, you can click the Buffer icon on the top right corner of your browser and add the link with a comment as a post in your queue. Those of you who used to keep lists of articles, videos, and URLs to share with readers—and then misplaced your lists—can now share interesting information with one easy click.

As social media’s role in marketing continues to grow, innovative tools like Buffer make it easier to take advantage of new opportunities. Visit our online marketing and social media page to learn how we can help you with social media.


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