Headlines and head shots do the same job

Sep 30, 2015

Why are headlines important? They are the first thing your cus­tomers read. A headline’s initial impression either draws readers in or pushes them away. Even if the rest of the copy is amazing and would convince people to buy, if the headline puts them to sleep you’ve lost the opportunity.

Here are some tips to craft headlines that grab attention:

  • Keep it very simple and understand­able. Do not use abbrevia­tions, technical jargon, or hard-to-understand words. A well-written head­line, as well as the body copy, should be able to be read easily by a seventh grader.
  • Use active voice. Ex: I read the book [active] vs. The book was read by me [passive]
  • Use interesting adjectives: effortless, painstaking, incredible, essential, absolute, strange
  • Use numbers
  • Use one of these words to trigger a response: when, how, what, why



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