It’s time to bite the bullets

Mar 21, 2013

What piques your interest? Bullet points listing product features or an idea that solves a problem that matters to you?

A list of mundane, bulleted features doesn’t have a lot of emotional appeal to which consumers or clients can connect.

Bullet points:

  • Are dry facts.
  • Talk about you, not them.
  • List features or services.
  • Have their place in the business world.
  • Don’t make for effective marketing prose.

Don’t fail to establish a connection in your next marketing campaign! Consumers care about themselves and their issues. If you can help them do that, you’ve got a chance of showing up on their radar screen.

To catch the attention of consumers, talk from their perspective, tell a memorable story, or give them a way to resolve a problem that matters to them.

Consider this example of a commercial from the Super Bowl: A young boy in a Darth Vader costume tries in vain to use “the Force” on the dog and a doll. It’s not until his dad gets home from work that he has success—on the car, which dad starts remotely from inside the house.

Or the alternative:

Volkswagen Passat

  • Remote Starting Capability

Which one will you remember tomorrow?


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