Mother-and-son team publishes new children’s book

May 30, 2019

Twenty-three years ago, Pella author Karen Fitzsimmons and her son, Cory, wrote Don’t Look Back—the tale of a little boy who overcomes his fear of walking to school alone. Cory, eight years old at the time, got out his markers and created illustrations complete with dinosaurs, bats, and giant robots (all things a little boy might imagine chasing him down the street). Mother and son set a goal of one day publishing their book. Today that goal is a reality: Don’t Look Back is the latest children’s book published by the Write Place.

Don’t Look Back tells the story of a young boy who wakes up late one morning and discovers his family has already left for the day. To make it to school on time, he must confront his fear of walking alone, even as he imagines being chased by a host of scary things. His courage is boosted by his mother’s remembered advice: “Sometimes you have to be responsible and face your fears.”

“The imagination of a child can create fear,” said Fitzsimmons. “But the lesson presented in this book is that children can overcome their fears.”

Don’t Look Back now features vibrant new artwork by Rowena Hoover, who has illustrated many of Fitzsimmons’ books. Cory’s originals are displayed in a special section. Don’t Look Back is available for purchase from the author. Interested readers can send a letter of inquiry to One Step at a Time for the Children, P.O. Box 553, Pella, IA 50219, or visit her Facebook page, The book is also for sale on Amazon and A portion of the proceeds from sales of Don’t Look Back will go toward supporting people in need of clean drinking water or a safe place to call home.

Today, Cory Fitzsimmons is busy spending time with family, friends, working and coaching cross country. Karen Fitzsimmons is a graduate of Central College. She is a teacher and has worked as a photographer. Her passion is for sharing the Gospel through her writing. In addition to Don’t Look Back, she is the author the following titles published by the Write Place: The Secret of Happiness, The Joy of Forgiveness and Will You Be My Friend?/Serás tú mi amigo?.


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