What a good girl!: Author publishes loving tribute to a very special dog

Feb 8, 2023

Dog lovers take notice—Ramsey author Laurie Hanson has published Good Girl, Karma, a bark-tastic children’s book celebrating an adorable golden retriever! In the book, Hanson takes readers through a day with sweet Karma as she dances, cleans up kitchen floors, plays ball, and—most importantly—loves her people.

Hanson was inspired to write Good Girl, Karma after her beloved golden retriever, the real-life Karma, died suddenly of cancer at only eight years old.

“When a person dies, we put an obituary in the newspaper and hold a funeral. We don’t do these things when a dog dies,” said Hanson. “I felt so lost and extremely sad. Then I decided to write this book to tell the world about my wonderful Karma. The words came so easily to me, and I knew Karma was helping me write it. Now, I feel Karma is still with me every time I read this book. Her only desire in life was to be a good dog—and she truly was!”

Hanson’s words, paired with colorful yet subtle illustrations by Jessica Anlauf, capture Karma’s joyful spirit and her love of making others happy. “I hope people are inspired to do something good for another person after reading my book,” shared Hanson. “If only people could be ‘Karma good,’ the world would be a better place.”

Good Girl, Karma was published through the Write Place. It is available online for purchase on lauriehansonbooks.comAmazon, and BarnesandNoble.com. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Karma was named a Hero of this study and helped identify risk factors for diseases in dogs.

Laurie Hanson has owned and loved dogs her entire life. Good Girl, Karma is Hanson’s second children’s book. Her first book, Treasure’s Gift, was published in 2016 and features her family’s first golden retriever, Treasure. It is a Purple Dragonfly Book Award winner. Hanson and her husband, Robert, live in Ramsey, Minnesota. They have two children, Brian and Jessica.


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