Troy the Llama graduates high school in second children’s book by Oskaloosa author

Mar 6, 2023

Oskaloosa author Merle Mann has published the second book in his series about the always optimistic Troy the Llama. In this installment, Troy is excited to reach an important milestone—graduating from high school!

In Troy the Llama Gets His Diploma, Troy looks back on his school years from preschool to the present day. Accompanied by playful and imaginative illustrations by Oskaloosa artist Victoria Peterson Laird, Troy remembers all the friends and teachers who helped him succeed.

“This book is inspired by my son, Troy, who will graduate from Oskaloosa High School this spring,” said Mann. “Troy is the youngest of my wife, Tami, and I’s seven children. All our children came to us from foster care, and they have all earned a high school diploma.

“I’ve read reports that the graduation rate for foster youth is anywhere between 30%–50% , so statistically, the odds were stacked against them,” Mann continued. “My kids are all amazing individuals, and I hope that they—and Troy the Llama—can be an example to other children in foster care. You’re amazing too, and you can get your diploma!”

Mann’s first book, Troy the Llama Gets a Guitar for Christmas, was released in 2022. Both books in the series were published through the Write Place and are available for online purchase at Amazon and


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