Dual English/Spanish book takes readers on sci-fi romance journey

Jan 5, 2015

What would you do if you met an alien? Fans of science fiction and romance will find both in Gina’s Dream by Ria Stone. This novel, published by the Write Place, is a dual English/Spanish book and is available both in print and as an e-book.

In Gina’s Dream, Kit Brennan, SETA’s (Space Exploration Through Astronomy) assistant director, meets an unusual woman at a convention. She claims she is an alien. What is he to believe? What is he to do?

Kit’s co-worker sees her as a threat, first to his friend and then to humans. The co-worker seeks to discover Gina’s secrets in order to stop her. Meanwhile, Gina has broken the emissaries’ primary rule by telling Kit who she is. But she is here to defend her world from a future invasion by humans. As Gina’s safety is threatened and her connection with Kit deepens, what will she do to defend herself?

Ria Stone was trained as a phototypesetter and journalist, and has created, written, produced and distributed a wide variety of writing for clients, employers, civic organizations and online publications. “After being prematurely retired in 2011, I moved to Mexico, where I appreciate life and have some time to write,” said Stone. “While I have written several stories, I never sought publication until now.

“The idea for Gina’s Dream came after reading several research papers, in the early 1990s, which described experiments where basic life functions were being manipulated for singular purposes without regard for the universe’s ecosystem. Somewhere along the way, the story evolved into a romance.”

Readers can contact with Stone by email at Ria.Stonemail@gmail.com. They can also connect with her via Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/RiaStone, her blog at http://riastoneblog.blogspot.mx, and Twitter @BitsBitesBooks.


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