New book follows biblical journeys of Christmas

Nov 17, 2014

In the midst of gift buying, feast preparation, travel planning and other hectic holiday activities, it can be easy to lose sight of the real meaning of the season. A Christmas Way: The Journeys of Christmas by Dr. Bob Ford will help readers reconnect with the true spirit of the holiday through an insightful examination of the miracles contained in the Bible’s Nativity story.

A Christmas Way draws in readers with a simple observation: “Have you ever noticed that no one from Bethlehem is mentioned in the Christmas story? The inn-keeper is an urban myth who never actually appears in the Gospels. Everyone mentioned in the story journeyed to Bethlehem.” The Magi, the shepherds and Mary and Joseph all journeyed there to witness the miracle of Christ’s birth.

The book goes on to describe the many people from the Bible who went on journeys and the significance of each. Dr. Ford leads his readers to question what modern-day Christians can learn from this and illuminates the many ways the journeys of the Bible can lead them to new paths of discovery in their own Christian journeys.

Dr. John Robert (Bob) Ford is a practicing family physician and a licensed Methodist minister in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Dr. Bob Ford and his wife Judy at Lorelei Books.

photo credit: Lorelei Books


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