Troy the Llama celebrates grandmas in third children’s book by Oskaloosa author

May 21, 2024

Oskaloosa author Merle Mann has published the third book in his series about the adorable Troy the Llama. In this installment, Troy and his six siblings are celebrating someone they love very much: their nana.

Nana is very special—she loves to cook and bake, wears colorful clothes, and (most importantly) has a very big heart. With whimsical illustrations by Oskaloosa artist Victoria Peterson Laird, each page of Troy the Llama and His Nana reveals something Troy and his siblings love about Nana.

“These books are based on my children, and in this book I wanted to honor our nana,” said Mann. “My mother-in-law has done a lot for her grandchildren. They have great memories and continue to make memories together. Now, her legacy will always remain in print!”

Mann also hopes this book will inspire young readers to appreciate the people in their lives who give them love.

The first two books in this series are Troy the Llama Gets a Guitar for Christmas and Troy the Llama Gets His Diploma. All the Troy the Llama books were published through the Write Place and are available for online purchase at Amazon and


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