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The world, the flesh, and the devil: Bussey author publishes book on Christian spirituality

“We all have problems,” said author Paul V. Zylstra of Bussey, Iowa. “We have these enemies at the root of our trials—the world, the flesh, and the devil—and through study of Scripture I’ve found that God has ways of helping us deal with them.” This is the main premise of Zylstra’s book, Our Spiritual Enemies: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil, which was published by the Write Place this spring. […]

Animals, insects, amphibians, oh my!: Iowa author publishes nature-inspired children’s book

Flitterfly, written and illustrated by Barbara Schultz of Rose Hill, Iowa, is the latest children’s book published by the Write Place. It tells the story of Flitterfly, a dragonfly who lives on the land surrounding Schultz Pond. […]

Pella author explores the power of forgiveness in juvenile fiction novel

The Joy of Forgiveness, written by Karen Fitzsimmons and illustrated by Rowena Hoover, is the latest juvenile fiction book published by the Write Place. It tells the story of Angel and Trouble, two teenagers who become best friends in spite of being as different as their names suggest. But when Angel makes the ultimate sacrifice […]

New children’s book takes readers on a mammoth-sized adventure

In 2010, a landowner in Mahaska County discovered the thirteen-thousand-year-old femur of a woolly mammoth lodged in the bank of a stream. The surprise find launched a massive dig that eventually uncovered bones from three different mammoths. Today, this groundbreaking discovery is being celebrated with Mahaska Mammoth: Woolly Dreams… […]

Fantasy adventure transports readers to a new realm

A World in Tales: From Dance to Death, Volume 1 by David Wagnon is the latest e-book published by the Write Place. Set in the magical land of Longferrow, Wagnon’s fantasy adventure—told in three parts by three very different narrators—takes readers on a journey full of courage, sacrifice, and a dash of whimsy. […]